Friday, May 27, 2011

Ribbon Belt

Want a great way to jazz up a pair of jeans without altering the jeans themselves?  Make yourself a grosgrain ribbon belt!

I love ribbon and hoard it for my cardmaking, and I figured out a way to make a D-ring belt out of single sided grosgrain ribbon so that the right side shows on the back side of the ribbon when it is pulled through the D-ring.

Did I lose you there?

Let me show you what I mean...

You will need:
single sided grosgrain ribbon
2 D-rings the same width as your ribbon
sewing machine, thread

First of all, you want to seal the ends of your ribbon so they don't fray.

I passed the ends of the ribbon right next to the flame of a candle, not in it or it may catch on fire.  The heat  next to the flame is enough to melt the ribbon slightly to prevent it from fraying.

Pass one end of the ribbon through both D-rings.  Turn the end under, pin in place, and sew.

I made a double row of stitching for a little extra security.   Sorry about the bad color on this photo.

Cut a piece of HeatnBond the exact width of your ribbon, and as long as you want the end to double back on itself.  I made mine a little over 8".

Carefully place the HeatnBond on the back side of the ribbon, paper side up, and lined up at the end of the ribbon.

Press according to package directions using medium heat and no steam (about 2 seconds), then let cool.

Peel the paper from the HeatnBond, double the ribbon back on itself making sure both the top and bottom edges are even, and press in place (about 8 seconds).  I had to press a little longer to get a good bond.

And that's it.  You are done!

Now you can go impress your friends with your jazzy new belt!


Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I love spring!


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Felt Bucket Re-do

I am always on the prowl for aqua/teal/turquoise colored accessories I can use in my craft room.  So when I saw this in the dollar spot at Target, I snatched it right up.  It was the only one I've ever seen there.

The baseballs wouldn't really cut it in my room, so I ripped those bad boys off, and replaced them with some flowers I made out of felt.  I even used a little scrap of the fabric I covered my stools with for the center of one of the flowers.  Not only am I color coordinated, but I am fabric coordinated, too!


Here it is hanging quite stylishly by some painters tape on my sewing table.  I needed a trash bin close by for all my snippets of thread and fabric from my serger, and this works wonderfully.  Now if I could just figure out how to keep the cats out of it!


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Felt Pin Cushion

Since I have been doing so much sewing lately, I needed a pin cushion and came across this tutorial over at Wee Folk Art.  I love their blog, and they have great tutorials with free patterns.  Their blog is definitely worth a look.  Just make sure you set aside an hour or two!

I ordered my felt from Wool Felt Central (20% discount when you mention Wee Folk Art), and as soon as it arrived I started on my pincushion.  They have loads of colors of felt, and I was able to pick ones to coordinate with the colors on my sewing stool that I recovered.  I love being color coordinated!  :)  I added the pink just because I love pink.

I don't think I have embroidered anything since I was about 10, but it's just like riding a bike; everything came back to me.  There are some great sites out there with embroidery stitches, and I checked a few out just to get some ideas.

I embroidered the band that goes around the can before I stitched the bottom and tops on.  The dome was stitched after it was attached to the can.  You could stitch the top before if you wanted, but if you have a design that needs to be centered, it may end up a little askew.

This was a really fun project and would make a great gift for anyone who does needle work.  I used the 3 oz size tuna can for my pincushion, and it is just the right size for me.  I may make another one using a bottle cap just because it would be so stinkin' cute.

Thanks for stopping by!


Friday, May 13, 2011

Ruffled Tee

After seeing a few t-shirt remakes out there in blog land, I decided to make one of my own.  JoAnn's had their T's on sale for $3 this week, so I got pink and white ones to play with.

Here's what I made...

Is't it cute?  It's so much better than a plain old t-shirt, don't you think?

If you want to make one for yourself, or a friend, or one of your munchkins, here's what you do.

You will need:
2 T-shirts
sharp scissors (can't emphasize sharp enough)
rotary cutter  \
cutting mat    /   -or just sharp scissors
quilt ruler     /
disappearing ink marker
sewing machine

I wanted to open up the neck line a little, so I cut the neck out.

Using a styling design ruler, I traced a new neckline with disappearing ink, then cut it out.  I cut just below the neck band in the back.

With the second t-shirt, cut vertically into 3" strips.  (I made a boo-boo in the center, so just discarded that strip.  Note to self *don't cut left handed with a rotary cutter*)  :)

Cut the hem off the end of the strips, and cut across tops to even them off.  (top cuts not pictured)

Now you are ready to make the ruffles.  Baste down the center of each strip, making sure not to back tack at the ends.  I know I should have used a different color for my basting to make it easier to remove, but I was done basting before I even thought about it.

Before gathering the ruffles, mark the center of each strip with a pin, and pin to the center of the neckline.  I placed the top ruffle about 3/4" from the neck edge.  Then you can gather the ruffle evenly from each side to fit up to the shoulder seam.  Pin in place.  If you want to remove your basting stitches, sew just to one side of them.  Since the basting stitch is in the middle of the strip, you will have a double layer to each ruffle.

Fold both layers of the ruffle toward the neckline, and pin the basting line of the second ruffle about 1/4" below the first ruffle.  Start in the center as before, gather each side evenly, and pin up to the shoulder seam.  Sew in place.

Continue pinning and sewing each ruffle in this fashion until you get the look you want.  I used 3 ruffles on my shirt, but you could use as many as you want.

This is what the inside looks like.

Did  you notice my necklace?  That was my Mother's Day present to myself, and I didn't pay a dime for it...I made it, too!

Thanks for stopping by.  Let me know if you make your own version of a ruffled T.  They are so fun!

I'm linking up to Tatertots and Jello's weekend wrapup party.


Edit:  OMGosh!  I just got featured by Danielle over at Blissful and Domestic!  This is the first time I've been featured for anything, and you just made my day.  Heck, you made my whole year!  Thanks, Danielle!


I picked up a copy of Paper Crafts Card Creations the other day, and was inspired by this card by Vanessa Menhorn.

My inspiration came from her use of the patterned paper.  I am always looking for ways to use mine (before I decide to lose it!), and the large panel of patterned paper Vanessa used really spoke to me.  I could use a good chunk of paper, much better than just scraps, and the layout would be a cinch.

Here is my card.

I love how it turned out!  Even though it looks like there is a lot going on, it really is a simple card.

For the flower, I crumpled the paper after it was punched out, then tore it into two layers.  I continued to crumple each layer while gently rolling the edges, and assembled the flower with the inside layers showing.  This gives the flower a lot of texture and brings it to life.

Stamps - Warmest Regards
Paper - Real Red, Old Olive, Bella Rose DSP, GKD PL white
Ink - Real Red
Accessories - Fancy Flower XL punch, Little Leaves Sizzlets, Big Shot, button, linen thread

Thanks, Vanessa, for the inspiration!

On a side note, I have been doing a lot of spring cleaning.  Deep cleaning.  Well, not real cleaning, more like purging.  The cleaning will come after the purge.  I am on a mission to get rid of everything we don't use/need/want, and it feels so good.  I was very successful selling a ton of unused craft items at our garage sale last weekend.  I have decided it isn't worth it to try to sell all my retired SU inks, etc., so I will be donating them to the school.  I know the kids will get a lot of use out of them, and I won't have to deal with selling and shipping them.  It's a win-win!

I have been feeling overwhelmed by all the stuff (read clutter) we have accumulated in the 4 years we have been in this house (some of it has been around for much longer), and decided to do something about it.  I have been reading Simplicity Parenting by Payne.  If you are feeling overwhelmed by all the choices that face you and your children, feel stressed by trying to fit everything into the day, are overscheduled and not overjoyed, you should check out this book.  It will help you simplify your children's lives which in turn will simplify yours.  And I'm all about simple.

Hope you have a great spring weekend!


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Stamps + Ink + Paper = Card!

I finally stamped tonight.

Stamped?  What's that?

It has been over a month since I've had inky fingers, and tonight was the first time I'd even considered stamping.  It had been so long, I had to think about where my supplies were!

My card was inspired by this card by Julie Ebersole.  I like the faux letterpress technique she has been showcasing and gave it a try.

Not bad for taking a month off, eh?

I am hopeful more ideas will come to me soon.

Stamps - Of the Earth, Hello Again, PTI Turning a New Leaf
Ink - Memento new sprout, bamboo leaves, tangelo
Paper - Tangerine Tango, Celery, GKD PL white
Accessories - corner rounder, SAMJ