Saturday, March 2, 2013

Bringing Home the Pollen

My bees have done very well this winter, and that is such a relief to me since it is my first year as a beekeeper.  It is especially gratifying because I know many beekeepers who have lost 30-50% of their hives this year.  It is so sad.

The girls have been flying on the warmer days which is normal during the winter.  They won't poop in the hive, so they have to take cleansing flights to relieve themselves.  After all, they are still eating all that honey and pollen they stored up for the winter.  Honey bees can't fly when it is colder than 45 degrees, so there is always a lot of activity on the milder winter days.  And lots of poop flying!

I went out to check on them today, and much to my surprise, they were coming back to the hive with their pollen baskets full!  The juniper and maple trees are putting out pollen and the girls sure are loving it.


It felt like spring, but there is still snow on the ground.

Little ladies hard at work.

More food for the girls.

This little girl didn't want to get off my arm.  She was so sweet!

Yes. Bees can be sweet.  At least I think my bees are.  They have a great temperament and don't get agitated easily.  I was lucky to have gotten such great bees for my first year as a beekeeper.  If they continue to do as well as they have been, I plan on splitting the hive this spring, so I can have two hives.

Now I can't wait for spring.  It is going to be an exciting time in the bee yard!

What signs of spring have you seen around your parts?