Saturday, June 19, 2010

Our Family Just Got Bigger

We have been pet free for almost a year now after losing both our doggies in the past two years.  My son is allergic to dogs (as am I), so we have been thinking about getting a kitten for a few months.  I have never owned a cat, and everyone I talk to says cats are so easy...much easier than dogs.  Well, if you've never owned a cat, it doesn't seem so easy.  Especially after owning dogs.  You can't even compare the two.

I checked out some books from the library, and have been reading up on becoming a cat owner.  Even then, I had a ton of questions.  For instance, what kind of litter do I buy?  Remember my rant about toothpaste?  Cat litter is worse!  You can buy for single or multiple cats, clumping or not, immediate odor eliminator or continuous odor eliminator (why wouldn't you want both?), with baking soda or without, 100% recycled paper with or without odor eliminator...and the list goes on!  So I did what I had to do and bought the cheapest one I could find.  I hope they use it.  (oops!  Did I just say "they"?)

Then you need to get a litter box to put the litter in.  Have you ever shopped for a litter box?  Once again you (or at least I)  have too many choices.  There is everything from a plain Rubbermaid box for $9.99, to the Taj Mahal...a covered box with a built in replaceable odor eliminating filter.  I didn't even look at the price on that one.  I didn't even want to know.  So just how bad does this cat poo smell?  Do I need the odor eliminating litter and the odor eliminating filter?  I guess I'll find out.  I didn't buy a litter box; I am using a plastic basin I get for free from the operating room until I can decide on the perfect kitty throne.

I'm not even going to go there with the food.  I just grabbed a bag of name brand kitten food.  They'll eat if they're hungry, right?

So, are you ready to meet the kritters?

This is Moonshine.  I think.  We haven't decided on names yet.  Moonbeam?  What do you think we should call her?

Here she is on her new kitty bed.  The bed wasn't such a hard choice.  The kids picked it out!

And this is...          .   We have no clue what to call her.  Crumb Cake? Is that an appropriate name for a cat, or is it better suited to cardstock?  Our neighbor suggested Whiskey, but I wasn't going for the alcohol theme with Moonshine.  I was thinking about the earth's moon that is grey and white.  Can you think of a good name for her?

She is a real sweetie, and probably the more mellow of the two.  I fell in love with her face when I saw her on the adoption web site, and knew that she would be mine.

After we brought them home, we put them in a safe room so they could adjust to their new environment.  We left and went to the pep rally for the swim team up at the pool, and when we got back, this is what they were doing...

What cats do best.  Sleeping.  I loved how they were both cuddled up with each other in the same bed even though we got two beds and had them both in the room.  They are going to be so much fun, and will get more love than they know what to do with.

If you can think of any names for them, we will consider any and all suggestions, and I'll let you know what our final decisions are.  Any tips about owning cats are welcomed, too.  (They will be strictly indoor cats since the foxes live too close for comfort.)




jimlynn said...

OMG! The cutest! They really are darling. I laughed about buying the liter, box, food, etc. So funny. For the first one, I like the name Moonshine. We used to have a cat named that and it was such a good cat. Have fun with the kittens. So cute.

Carl S said...

Absolutely adorable! I'd call the un-named one Morgan. It's nice and uni-sex, plus it's fun to say!

Jessica Wekenman said...

Oh, Congratulations! They are so adorable! You will just love them! I found your stamp pad holder on SCS, so started looking around your blog! :) Great stamp pad holder! I am looking into making one. I also love your cards design style! Anyway, I am a huge cat lover, so couldn't resist saying hi! I wish I could help with names, but I always have a hard time with that! I'm actually trying to come up with a name for my newest love/ toy/ craft tool, my gypsy! Have a great day, and I'm going to follow your blog!

Leslie said...

My mom just rescued 2 kittens from a highway...they are almost as cute, too bad she says they have to go since my sister is allergic...well it's been 3 weeks, guess they're staying. :) Good Luck, kitties love to get into ribbon, hide your stash!

Colorado Crafter said...

I know they are not kittens now, but I was looking around your blog at your foam core creations and saw the pics of your kitties. They are SO GORGEOUS!!! I'm a cat lover and just had to say these two are just beautiful. Hope you've been enjoying them over the past year and a half since you had never had cats before. I hope they turned out to be a sweet as they look here.