Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fabric Covered Calendar

So I got motivated after my last post, and figured out the iPhoto thing.


With over 18,000 photos to organize, it is going to take me quite a while.  I worked for 4 solid hours yesterday and barely made a dent in what I want to do to organize them.  I now realize it will be an ongoing project I can whittle away a little at a time.  It will be soooo worth it, though.

Now, on to my project!

With the new year comes a new calendar.  I am still old school and like to have things written down (on paper), thus a paper planning calendar.  In years past, I have made my own covers with scrapbook paper or a cute folder decorated with ribbon on the spirals, but I wanted to do something different this year.

I recently found out about Vera Bradley's cloth napkins while browsing through her store one day.  I am not much of a VB style person (no offense, Mom!), but I do think she has some pretty fabric that I can use to make my own things.  Check out my etsy store to see what else I have made!   (Click on the tab at top of my blog)

Here is how I covered my calendar.

To make it more durable, I used fusible vinyl on the fabric.  I cut a piece of vinyl big enough to have about a 1" border around each side of the opened calendar.  Fuse to fabric following manufacturer's directions.

Coat front side of calendar with Mod Podge, adhere fabric, and smooth to get a good contact.

Turn over and coat back side in the same manner.  No need to coat over the coils, this area will remain unattached.  I stacked my yearbooks on top of the calendar and let it dry overnight.

After the covers have dried, adhere red tape just to each corner as shown.

Fold down and burnish to make sure it sticks.

Notch a little piece of fabric at the coil on the top and bottom of calendar.  Place red tape close to fabric edge around all sides.

To make mitered corners, place red tape on the diagonal of the already taped down corners.  They don't have to look perfect (unless you are a perfectionist like me!) because you are going to cover them up at the end.

Adhere all edges, making sure to get a good adhesion.  See the notch at the coil?

Cut two pieces of coordinating cardstock a little smaller than the size of the cover.  Adhere to inside front and back covers with red tape on all sides.

The paper finishes the inside edges to make it look pro-i-fessional!

Ta da!  A durable, fabric covered calendar!  (Please ignore the vein-y wrinkled alien hand!)

My next project will have you standing by the trash can in your kid's school lunchroom.  Can't wait to show you what I made!


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Angela said...

LOVE IT!!! Where did you get VB napkins? I love some of her fabrics as well, especially the ones with greens and browns... my favorite colors.