Thursday, February 23, 2012

Craft Room Progress and a "Light Dusting"

For a craft addict like myself, it has been painful to not have a craft room.  And because of the construction dust, all of my supplies are sealed under layers of plastic, and inaccessible to me.  It has only been a week and a half, and I'm going crazy.

You can throw me a pity party now.

This it what my room looked like this morning...

They still need to finish installing the floor and trim out the door and the baseboards.  Then it will be ready for me to paint.  I guess I better hurry up and decide what color I am going to use.  Help!

And just because I know weather forecasting is not an exact science, I wanted to show you pictures of the "light dusting, about an inch or two" that was forecast for us overnight.

Looking down our street.

The snow that had been around for months finally melted in the 60 degree temps we had just yesterday.  This is all new snow.

It has snowed well over 2 more inches since I took these pics, and it's still coming down.  It looks like a winter wonderland outside ... so pretty.

Have a happy day!



Jessica Wekenman said...

Beautiful! The craft room progress and that gorgeous snow!!! I want some snow!!!

Skrimp N Skrap said...

Your craft room is going to be beautiful. I am so jealous! I have a 6.5x14' closet.

I'm not so jealous of the snow, though. It's pretty in pictures bu I moved to Arizona from Maine 19 years ago specifically to get away from the stuff. Brrrrr!

Progress Lighting said...

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