Monday, October 22, 2012

Placemats to Purse

Happy Monday!  I have a really fun project to show you today.

Placemat purse
A repurposed placemat purse.

I bought these placemats at Pier 1 last fall to repurpose into a purse, and after sitting on my craft room shelf for most of a year, they were finally transformed.  Aren't the colors great for fall?  The strap and lining fabric was a remnant of home decor fabric I got on clearance for just a few dollars, and I think it compliments all the colors in the placemats nicely.  I was going to make a tutorial, but got ahead of myself and didn't take that many pictures.


I sewed the ends of the placemats together so the fringe would hang down from the bottom of the purse.

Cell phone pocket
One of the sides has a pocket for my cell phone.  There is elastic at the top so my phone won't slip out on its own.

I made a pocket on the front of the purse body under the flap.  This is where I keep the all the necessities (like Joann and Hobby Lobby coupons), and my home made lip balm.  Easy access, baby!

Zip pocket
The inside has a zip pocket on one side...

and segmented pockets on the other.  I made two skinny pockets for a pen and pencil, a larger middle pocket, and a pocket to put my reading glasses in.  (Not that I need them or anything.)

To give the purse shape and to keep it from looking slouchy, I put a piece of Timtex in the bottom and tacked it down in a few places.  It works great.

The only thing I wish I would have included was a ring to clip my keys to.  I'm still trying to figure out how I can add one without tearing one of the seams apart.

This turned out great for my first attempt at a purse.  I am really loving it, even though it is a little bit on the large side.  I don't carry a lot of 'stuff' in my purse, but this one is big enough to hold my camera too, and that is a plus.

It's even big enough to hold a kitty!  Hi Moonshine!

I made this up as I went along, but if you have questions about measurements or anything, just let me know.



Sunny said...

What a geat idea! I love especially the picture of the purse with your cat inside =-)

Have a wonderful season,


Anonymous said...

Love this idea. So simple to make into holiday/seasonal purses. Thanks.

I like sewing a metal ring just below the top edge on the side. This is the perfect place to clip on my key ring. I do this to store bought purses, too. Just a few whip stitches with stout thread and I'm good to go!!