Saturday, February 23, 2013

More Color

Once I finished my ripple afghan and hearts for my tree, I started right in on my next crochet project.

I decided I needed a pillow (or two) to go with it.  I have always wanted to make a granny square afghan, but since I made a ripple afghan, I decided to make a granny square pillow instead.

So I have been crocheting mini granny squares.

They are a little over an inch big.  (Or should I say small?)

Two hundred of them so far.

They only take a minute or two to make (talk about instant gratification), so it hasn't taken all that long to knock them out.

I laid them out in a planned random pattern.  By planned random, I mean that each row and each column only contain one of any particular color.  Even the edges when placed together won't repeat any colors.  I plan on putting a border around the edges, so the border randomness wasn't necessary unless you are compulsive like me and have to have it that way!

I have started binding them together...something I know nothing about, and am just winging it as I go along.  The work is not bothersome to me because it goes fast, and once again I am instantly gratified as soon as another square gets attached.


All that being said, my tree is begging to be decorated with Easter eggs, so this pillow may have to take a back seat until I get some eggs done.  I'll be sure to post a picture when it is finished.


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