Thursday, January 21, 2010

Meet Stubby

When we bought our house a few years ago, the yard was severely neglected and had grown into "The Jungle".  But it was the perfect place for the foxes to live.  So perfect in fact, that they had removed enough dirt under the patio for their den that we had to have it mud jacked to fill the void.  All the construction activity we did on our house forced them to find another place to live.  They chose the yard directly behind us.  So now we have a great view of their comings and goings.

This is one of the neighborhood foxes I have named Stubby. Isn't he cute? My daughter wishes he wasn't mean so she could keep him for a pet.  (Anything that has fur is pet material to her.)  Most of the time, the foxes are on the move, and I never have enough time to grab my camera to get any pictures.  But on this morning, Stubby was just sitting there on the golf course enjoying the early morning breeze.   I grabbed my camera and started snapping away.

Breaking and entering!!!  He is coming into the yard!  And he just peed on the tree!  Just like a dog marking his territory.  The kids are really excited now, and its hard to keep their voices and bodies quiet.

Busted!  How did he hear my shutter through the window?  Or was it the kids' excitement he sensed?    From here he moseyed across our back yard to the corner of our house. I thought I might be able to ambush him if I went out the front door.

Busted again!  He heard me and decided he'd had enough of my stalking for the day.  See why I named him Stubby?

He never stopped looking back at me until he felt he was out of harm's way.  Just look at that cute little face!

Bye Stubby!  See you around!



Lisa Lara said...

That is so cool that you have foxes in your backyard K. We have squirrels, raccoons, the occassional possum and one time I heard my dog bark at night when he went to pee before bed (he never barked at night) then I smelled the skunk smell. Never saw it though. And thank goodness the spray did not get Peppy. These are cool pics K.

Susan Raihala said...

Oh, how wonderful! Thanks for sharing your pictures of Stubby. When we lived in Rapid City, we had wild turkey and deer regularly visit our yard. The deer would taunt our dog from the other side of the fence, knowing he couldn't get to them and standing just on the other side, not a foot from him, chewing the grass without a care in the world.

Here in the burbs of Ohio, we don't see much wildlife. Though last year, there was a black bear sited nearby!