Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I'm on a Roll!

I made another Christmas card today!  Woohoo!  I've never had so many cards (two, to be exact) done this early in the year!  I don't know what I'm going to do with myself!  heehee!

This was for Susan's OLW challenge on her Simplicity blog to use outline stamps.  My Little Layers II set was still sitting on my desk because I have some ideas for it that I still need to get on paper.  When I was trying to decide what outline stamp to use for Susan's challenge, this card just popped into my head.  It took all of about 3 minutes to make.  And that is only because I had to use my SAMJ, to get both the image and sentiment perfectly centered.  Pencil dots are perfect to use as a guide, then just erase the evidence.  Just make sure you let the ink dry COMPLETELY before you erase.  Don't ask me how I know!

I put a little Sakura jelly roll pen on the hanger thingy to make it shiny, but it didn't photograph well.  Also, make sure your jelly roll pen is completely dry before you smudge it with your fat fingers.  Don't ask me how I know that, either!  This time, I got lucky and was able to remove the smudge with my adhesive remover/eraser thingy.

(Thingy - is that even a word?)

Supplies used:
Stamps - little layers II, PTI faux ribbon
Paper - GKD PL white
Ink - real red, old olive
Accessories - SAMJ, Sakura jelly roll pen

Ta ta!


Edited to add:

Well, duh!  When I went to link my submission to Susan's blog, I read that the other part of the challenge was to make a square card.  So I just chopped the bottom off!  Then I rounded the corners just because I wanted to do something different.  The image would look better if it was up higher on the card a fraction of an inch, but it will have to do for now.  If I make more of these (and don't think I won't - what a quick and easy card), I'll fix the image placement.

I kinda like the A2 size better.  What do you think?  A2 with rounded corners?  That's the ticket!




mustavcoffee said...

Great card, love the quick and easy solution to the not square problem, lol :) x

Heather T said...

Cool and simple, a very happy card which looks great in either size.

Susan said...

I love it! I had to read it twice to get the "square" part. This is perfect..and you'll have your Christmas cards don't before you know it!

Susan Raihala said...

First of all, thingy is a perfectly useful word.

Second, I like both versions the same. Which is to say: A LOT!

Jess said...

Both are great! ;)

I use that 'thingy', along with 'dooby' and 'doobywacker' probably more than a person should... hehe :)