Monday, June 20, 2011

A Family Tradition

One of the traditions my family had when I was growing up was to eat popcorn for dinner (supper) on Sunday night.  I'm not even sure how it originated (Mom?), but in my quest to simplify our lives, I decided to continue it with my own family.

Seeing that we don't eat a lot of popcorn anyway, I was hoping the kids would embrace it.  And embrace it they did.  I was not so gently reminded last Sunday after I had already fixed pork chops for dinner that it was popcorn night, so the chops went in the fridge for another meal, and we had popcorn instead.  That's how much they love the new tradition.  Hubby wasn't so eager to embrace the new meal plan as his response was "What about the protein?"  But since he doesn't cook, and knows better than to complain about what Momma cooks, he eats his popcorn without saying a word.  :)

When I was growing up, we watched the Disney movie and/or Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom, and tried our best not to watch Lawrence Welk.  We also drank pop with our popcorn.  Well, we have traded the soda (I refuse to buy it and rarely let the kids drink it) for water or milk, and keep the tube turned off in favor of playing games.  That is the most fun part.

Even though it is a very simple change, and may not appear to make a difference in our hectic lives, it is obvious that our kids look forward to knowing what we are eating and doing at least one night out of the week.

And that makes me happy.

What family traditions have you passed on from your childhood to your own family?


By the way, our popcorn is popped in butter and bacon grease (yes, you read that right!) just like when I was growing up.  Sounds kinda gross, but don't knock it until you try it.  It's way better than that microwave crud!

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Susan Raihala said...

When I was a kid after my parents' divorce, mom, my sister and I lived with my grandparents. Every night, my grandfather would come into our dark bedroom, sit at the foot of one of our twin beds with a cigarette in hand, and talk to us quietly about our day or whatever. He was such a wonderful, strong, steady, and dependable influence in otherwise very unstable lives. When Nick first transitioned from crib to bed, we carried on the tradition, which we call Snuggle-Bunnies. Only we don't smoke. The boys love it...and so do we. What a peaceful way to end the day.

Popcorn for dinner sounds great, except my gourmet husband would never go for it.