Monday, August 1, 2011

Welcome to the Neighborhood

Our new neighbors just moved in next door, so I made this card for them.  I'm not sure I like the red chair, but since this was my second attempt, I am leaving it as it is.

The inside is stamped with "Welcome to the neighborhood".

We are really going to miss our neighbors who moved to Texas to be closer to their children.  They were like surrogate grandparents to the kiddos, spoiling them with chocolate, ice cream, and candy.  But we are excited about getting to know the young family that just moved in, and the kiddos are glad there is one more child on our street to play with.

I am hoping to get back to posting here more often.  I have made a few cards this summer, but have been too lazy to take pictures of them.  I have also sewed some clothes, but don't have any pictures of them, either.  School starts in two more weeks, so I should have more time and energy then.  The kids have sucked every creative ounce of energy out of me this summer, and I can't wait to get back in a crafting groove!


Susan Raihala said...

Fab card for your neighbors! I like the red chair.

I'm looking forward to school starting on Aug 24th. It's been a long summer.

Can't wait to see what your creative mind cooks up!

Carol said...

So nice to see you posting again!
Love the card....I just finished one using the same stamp....pulled it out of the drawer yesterday....first time I've used it in several years. Old is new again??

reeree62 said...

So cute!!! What stamp company is this image from??