Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Perfect Tree

Every year, we buy a permit from the National Forest Service (for only $10) to cut our own Christmas tree.  You can cut any tree you want with a trunk 6" or less in diameter within the cutting boundaries they establish for that particular year.

Any tree in the whole forest.

You would think it would be a simple task, but the perfect tree doesn't exist in nature.  You think you have found the perfect one, but discover a giant hole in the branches to one side.  Or it has been growing on the side of a hill and the branches are crooked.  Or it's too close to another tree and is flat on one side.  Or two family members like it and two don't.  Ugh!  The joys of cutting your own tree!

Despite all the obstacles we always do find the perfect tree for us.  And then after we cut it down, we find an even more perfect one on the way back to the car.  It happens every time!

Here are some pictures of our tree cutting adventure today.

Bunny tracks in the snow.  Aren't they cute?  M wanted to track it down and keep it for a pet.

The perfect tree!  Notice the beautiful blue sky.  It couldn't have been a more perfect day.

R cutting off branches to get to the stump.

M tries her hand at sawing, too.  She still needs a little practice!

Manly men carrying the tree back to the car.

After we got the tree loaded, it was time for a snack and some hot chocolate for the drive back home.

What traditions do you have for your Christmas tree?


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Susan Raihala said...

We go to a tree farm where it is much easier to find the tree and very nice people shake your tree, wrap it up for transport, and tie it to your car for you. We're spoiled city-folk, ya know.

Great pics! Thanks for sharing the experience!