Friday, March 9, 2012

Happy Trees

Here is another cute card I made this week.  I am not a big fan of putting buttons on my cards, just because of the mailing issue.  I love the look of them, but choose not to make them that way myself.  So I made my own buttons out of paper.

(Can someone please tell me why I still have buttons in my stash and refuse to get rid of them?)

I even used a scrap of patterned paper that I have had for close to 10 years.  It's embarrassing to admit I've had stash for that long, but then you all probably know what I am talking about.  Like I said before, if it makes it back into my craft room, it is going to get used!

(I can use the buttons on my fabric crafts.  Riiiiight.  So that's why I am keeping them!)

The buttons are made with only one layer of paper.  I could have made them thicker, but then that would have defeated the purpose of not using real buttons.  The center button is popped up on dimensionals, you know, for a little dimension.  ; )

And because the postman just now, as I am writing this, delivered my first order of Washi tape (from Pick Your Plum - if you haven't checked out PYP, you must!), I had to make another card using my new tape.

I found out that you can't stamp on Washi tape, so I had to color in the bottom of the trunks with a Copic marker.  It took several coats to get a solid image instead of little beads of ink.

These Spring-y cards are the perfect indication of the weather we are to be having for the next week.  My tulips are starting to come up, and it is supposed to warm up to the 70's by Monday.  Yea for Spring!!!

Hope you have a great weekend.  My husband informed me (somewhat jokingly) that I am to have his new office painted by Monday.  A small price to pay for my big craft room!