Sunday, April 4, 2010

Make Your Own Bow Easy

Sometimes I can be such a cheapskate!  I have no problem spending $30 on a new set of SU! stamps, but $4 for a piece of cardboard?  No thanks, I'll make my own.

To make my own bow easy, I used one of the plastic paper dividers that came with my Cropper Hopper 12x12 paper storage units.  I printed off a copy of a bow easy, and measured all the little tabs to get a rough idea of how big to make them.  You can certainly make them any size you want.  Then I just drew the lines in with a pencil and cut them with a pair of generic scissors.  The plastic is really easy to cut, so no need to use anything heavy duty.  I used my Crop-a Dile to punch a hole at the top of each slit to round it a little.  I also rounded the outer corners with the scissors.  On mine, the small slits are 1/8", and the larger ones are 3/16" and 5/16".

I will probably only use it when I make double bows, but at least it was free!

Have yourself a great day!



Lisa Lara said...

Oh you smartie you, K. Great job.

Jessica Wekenman said...

Another fabulous diy project! I have been wanting one these, and definitely need help with my bows! I'll try this out! Thanks!