Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Quick Fix

Do you ever make a card, take pictures, post them, and then realize that you could have done something to make the card better?  I do that a LOT, and my pumpkin card was no exception.

After I posted my last two cards, I happened to look at the pumpkin card that was lying on my desk.  You know how I felt the bow was too heavy and competed with the pumpkins.  I was trying to figure out how I could add more 'weight' to the pumpkins to balance the card out, and then it dawned on me as to how to fix it.  When I made my original card, I practiced coloring the pumpkins first on a scrap of cardstock (I'm *n*l that way).  All I needed to do was cut my practice pumpkin out and pop it up.

See?  Doesn't that look much better?  It definitely seems more balanced to me.  If you look closely, you will see that I added white gel pen accents to the tops of the pumpkins.  When I was practicing, I tried it, but didn't like the look, so I left it off of my original card.  But when I used my practice pumpkin to balance the card, I had to add gel pen to the second pumpkin.  Oh, well, I still think it looks better than the original.

The next time I have a card I'm not happy with, I'm NOT going to take its picture until it gets fixed.

I promise!


P.S.  Thanks for all your nice comments on the cards I submitted for the DT search!  Only two more days...


Jess said...

I do the exact same thing Karen, so sometimes I don't post about a card until I've photographed it about 2-3 times.


Kalyber said...

This is beautiful Great coloring and the twine on ribbon is great.