Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fabric and Felt Case for Reading Glasses

My eyes have been struggling for about the past 6 months (maybe longer - I'm in serious denial) to focus at short distances.  Several months ago, I broke down and bought the lowest magnification reading glasses I could find, +1.00.  This was a long process that involved trying on glasses everywhere I saw them - the grocery store, the drugstore, Ross, TJ Maxx, Walmart, and probably countless other places I can't even remember, in an effort to find ones that looked good on me.  Well, that was an impossibility, so I settled for the cheap ones in the dollar bin at Target.  That way I could buy a couple pair and have one in my purse, and one at home.   I didn't care what they looked like anymore.  After all, I didn't really need them, so no one would see me wearing them if I never put them on.


The cheapie glasses came in a cheapie plastic case with a zip top that offered no real protection.  They wouldn't cost much to replace, but I had invested a lot of time to find them, and wanted something cute to carry them in.

So I made a case for them.

I went through all my scraps of fabric, and the one I wanted to use was barely big enough.

I had to cut both sides separately instead of one piece folded over, but was able to use just one piece of felt for the lining.

PTI felt is da bomb!  I love using it for die cut flowers, and in this case (very punny!), it was perfect for a nice protective lining.

I started by sewing the two sides of fabric together.  You can omit this step if your fabric scrap is big enough to cut a single piece.

Here is a scrap of velcro I used for the closure.  I sewed the velcro just to the fabric layer.  Don't laugh at the blue and white velcro - it was free!

With right sides together, I sewed the flap closure made of felt between the felt and fabric, making sure to line the edge of the flap with the seam in the fabric.  I used an oval Nestabilities to die cut the flap, but you could freehand cut it to any shape.

Turn the seams to the inside and press (I finger pressed them because I was too lazy to go upstairs to iron it.  I really need a second ironing board in my craft cave.)  Then pin right sides of fabric together and sew the remaining two sides.

Turn right side out, sew the other velcro piece to the flap, and you are done!

I added a die cut flower with a matching fabric scrap center, and added detail stitching around the flower and flap.

I love my new little case, and also the fact that it matches my current purse and the more expensive reading glasses I bought.

Now if I would just wear the darn things so I could see!

You will need:
Fabric scrap
felt scrap, or other soft lining material
velcro for closure
sewing machine
optional:  dies for flower and flap

I may be posting some of my other crafty projects I've been working on until my stamping mojo returns.  I think it's still on spring break!



Susan Raihala said...

Aren't you the clever one! What a pretty package for your reading glasses. And welcome to the club. DH mocked me when I bought three pair. But the other day, he wanted to show me some amusing fine print on his beer bottle, and I couldn't read it, even holding it out at arm's length. He was stunned. I got my reading glasses (also +1), and could read it perfectly. He doesn't mock anymore. Aren't they awesome for stamping? I keep one pair on my craft desk!

Pat Vanderwater said...

Just signed up today for your blog. You are so creative. A friend sent me your tutorial on the bowl potholder and my friends and I have been making them by the dozens.

I love the glasses case. I have clip on sunshades I bought at Wal-Mart eye center for 15.00. The case that came with they is large and hard. I am going to make one like yours for my purse.
Thanks for the extra time you put into your tutorials.
Pat from Kilgore Tx