Friday, April 29, 2011

I Used my Cricut!

I have always wanted to put the word "create" in my craft room.  You know, something to remind me that that is what I am supposed to do while I am in there, not just sit at my computer looking at everyone else's creations.  :)  So I put my very neglected Cricut to use today.

I made stencils out of cheap (Georgia Pacific) cardstock, and used them to paint the word "create" subway style on a canvas.  See...

This was the first time I have ever stenciled anything, and it took me a letter to get the hang of it.  Unfortunately the "c" is a little sloppy.  Oops!  And I can't believe I mixed upper and lower case letters.  *gasp*  I don't really get that trend because it's just not right to do that.  But if I look at it in a creative light, I can live with it.  I just wish the "T" was a little longer.  *sigh*

For now, I set it on my stamp display tray, but I will find the perfect place to hang it.

Or better yet, maybe I should put it in front of my computer screen!

More fun projects to come...


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