Saturday, May 14, 2011

Felt Pin Cushion

Since I have been doing so much sewing lately, I needed a pin cushion and came across this tutorial over at Wee Folk Art.  I love their blog, and they have great tutorials with free patterns.  Their blog is definitely worth a look.  Just make sure you set aside an hour or two!

I ordered my felt from Wool Felt Central (20% discount when you mention Wee Folk Art), and as soon as it arrived I started on my pincushion.  They have loads of colors of felt, and I was able to pick ones to coordinate with the colors on my sewing stool that I recovered.  I love being color coordinated!  :)  I added the pink just because I love pink.

I don't think I have embroidered anything since I was about 10, but it's just like riding a bike; everything came back to me.  There are some great sites out there with embroidery stitches, and I checked a few out just to get some ideas.

I embroidered the band that goes around the can before I stitched the bottom and tops on.  The dome was stitched after it was attached to the can.  You could stitch the top before if you wanted, but if you have a design that needs to be centered, it may end up a little askew.

This was a really fun project and would make a great gift for anyone who does needle work.  I used the 3 oz size tuna can for my pincushion, and it is just the right size for me.  I may make another one using a bottle cap just because it would be so stinkin' cute.

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Carol said...

Oh too, too cute! Thanks for the wool felt site! Going to check it out!

Kimara said...

I love it, when through sheer happenstance, I stumble upon one of our projects. It is always so fun to see them made up by other people. I love flowers around the edge. It looks like an open field :)