Friday, March 12, 2010

P90X Update Week Nine

Yea!  I am one week closer to my goal of completing the P90X program.  Only four weeks to go!

This was a good week for me.  We started the third phase of the program which is called Endurance Maximizer.  The menu changed, and I was very grateful for that.  I was ready for some new recipes.  My chocolate cravings have (temporarily, I'm sure) subsided, and that was a big help, too.  The days I ate chocolate were fewer than the days I didn't.  That was a good thing.

Part of the beauty of this program is being able to track your progress on the worksheets for each video.  Not only can you feel how much stronger you get, but you can see how much stronger you get over the course of the program by writing everything down.  If a particular exercise was too easy/too hard, you can note that on the worksheet and increase/decrease the weight the next time.  Your progress is right there in black and white.  I really pushed myself during the exercises this week.  My body is definitely stronger, and I was able to do more reps with more weight.  My arms paid the price and were a little sore this week, but it felt good to feel strong.

Once again, I didn't lose or gain any weight for the week.  That's ok with me, because weight is just a number.  I feel stronger and look better, my clothes fit me better, and I am probably in the best shape physically of my entire life.  Sure, I still have some fat to burn off, but it will happen with time.  I have a good twenty years of accumulation to get rid of, and no matter how hard I try, I know it won't all be gone in 90 days.

One thing that makes me happy, though, is I am actually looking forward to shopping for a bathing suit this year.  I have never said that before!

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