Friday, February 26, 2010

P90X Update Week Seven

I kind of blew it this week.  I fell off the wagon right into a big vat of chocolate.  Boy, did it taste good, too!  Chocolate kisses, Dove chocolate, peanut M&Ms, plain M&Ms.  Mmmmmm, mmmmm, goooood!!!  If it was chocolate and in my house, I ate it!  (Note to self - remove all tempting food from house.)  I'm not sure if it was my hormonal cravings that made me cave, or just the fact that I wanted chocolate and didn't have enough will power to "just say no", but I had chocolate almost every day this week.  The worst part of it is, I didn't feel guilty after I took that first bite.  Handfuls of M&Ms found their way into my mouth.  I felt entitled!  I had, after all, gone without chocolate for 6 weeks (not including that silly chocolate donut at the Cub Scout event that started it all), and that was long enough in my book!

The key here is moderation.  If I had eaten a 45 calorie Dove chocolate whenever I wanted one during the first six weeks, I probably wouldn't have gone so overboard this week.  One hundred extra calories wouldn't have done much harm over the course of a week.  That's only an extra 600 calories spread out over 6 weeks.  I'm sure I consumed more chocolate calories than that in this past week alone.  Deprivation doesn't work for me.  We all know that as soon as we can't have something, that "thing" suddenly becomes an obsession, and we will try everything we can think of to get it.  Now that I am starting a new week, I will practice a little more restraint when it comes to chocolate.  I will think really hard about whether or not I really want to eat it.  I think that is a more sensible way to be about it.  Besides, there's hardly any chocolate left!

That being said, I have still seen improvements this week.  My whole body continues to get stronger, and I have the beginnings of a mini six-pack.  It's faint, but I can still see it.  (Maybe because I'm trying so hard to find it!)  My fat cells are getting smaller, just in all the wrong places!  I am getting pretty saggy on top if you know what I mean, but my bottom is still bigger than I would like.  Why do women always lose it on top first?  It's just not fair!  I've also started to notice more definition in my arms, and I'm really close to being able to do a full pull up without cheating.  I don't think I have ever done a pull up my whole entire life.  That will be cause for celebration!  Maybe I'll eat a piece of chocolate.  :) 

As you can imagine, I was very hesitant to weigh myself this morning.  Thoughts of all those extra chocolate calories haunted me.  How sad would I be if I gained a whole pound or more?  I would have to work that much harder to lose it again.  Well, I just now weighed myself, and this week I lost 1.5lbs!  I couldn't believe it!  That's -6.6lbs so far.  I know that doesn't give me free reign to eat all the chocolate I want like I did this past week, and I won't.  But are the health benefits of chocolate true?  Could it mean that maybe chocolate can actually be good for you?

I know it was good for my mind.  And my body.  So have another piece of chocolate for me this week.  This time I'll have one with you!

Toodles!  K

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