Friday, February 19, 2010

P90X Update Week Six

Good morning!  I could have titled this entry "Plateau".  I think I've reached mine.  This week, I lost the 0.2lbs the scale said I had gained last week.  (Notice I said what the scale really isn't that accurate is it?  Heehee!)  I could tell my weight hadn't changed much this week.  Funny how you can tell things like that when you are really tuned in to what your body is saying.

I really pushed myself with the exercises this week, and I was much better with the cooking and meal preparation part.  I made all the meals I skipped out on last week.  For instance:  Filet Mignon with Pear and Peppercorn Sauce, Italian Meatloaf, Chicken Ceasar Salad, and Breakfast Potatoes.  You may be wondering why anyone wouldn't want to eat any of those...they all sound so appetizing.  Well, it wasn't that I didn't want to eat them, I didn't want to cook them.  I'm glad I made them this week, though.  The pear and peppercorn sauce was really good, and something I would never think to make on my own.  Shoot, all of it was good!  Every recipe has been very tasty, and will be something I incorporate into our meals in the future...even though my daughter will pick out every last onion before she eats anything!

I found myself thinking a lot about food this week.  Like what I am going to have to eat as soon as I am 'done' with P90X.  My thoughts wavered from Molten Chocolate Lava Cake with real Whipped Cream (if you know PW, you know this cake!), to our favorite Mexican restaurant, to a pan of brownies, to all the Dove chocolate I still have sitting around tempting me everyday.  Can you tell I miss my chocolate?  All of my mouth-watering thoughts about these foods (chocolate is a food, isn't it?) were followed by thoughts about how my body would feel immediately after eating any of them.  Remember the chocolate donut at the Cub Scout event?  Ugh!  Then I would think to myself that it really wouldn't be worth it to eat any of them.  It is still fun to think about it though.  Kind of.

Even though my weight loss has come to a standstill, I am still feeling stronger every week.  I continue to be able to do more with each and every exercise video.  One day I was so overcome with emotion for doing all the reps in the Ab RipperX video that I was moved to tears.  Tears of joy that I was getting stronger, and all my hard work was really making a difference.

And that felt good!

Make it a great day.  And eat a piece of chocolate for me.  I said it's ok.


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I Love P90X said...

That's awesome. Sounds like you are doing great. Remember, sometimes the scale won't show the real progress you are making. Keep up the great work.